Our Services

Vesa Energy provides services across both the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.
Our services are delivered on a customized solution based model taking into consideration the knowledge and passion
which has helped us to build a community of satisfied clients.

For us, partnering with our clients based on a mutual support strategy has created a platform where ideas incubate; the
ideas thereafter, lead to service and ultimately translate to client customized solution in Oil & Gas exploration, extraction,
logistics and marketing support. We can modestly boast of a happy and satisfied clientele base.


We offer top notch engineering support services for a number of International Oil Companies (IOC).

Furthermore, we have sufficient expertise in sourcing for, and delivering of the following:

Drilling equipment and tools
Instrumentation and safety equipment
Building and fabrication equipment
Leases and supply of heavy duty equipment such as dredgers etc
Installation and maintenance of tools and engineering equipment
Supplies of bolts, bearings, pumps, valves, compressor
Manpower Supply
Energy supply and maintenance
Oil spillage cleaning and related services

In line with national and international standards, we work with reputable manufacturers with proven records of these products and also ensure that very high quality standards are adhered to. Vesa Energy does not conclude transaction until a feedback is gotten from our clients through our feedback mechanisms. We give value for money based on our principle of timeliness and quality specification.


Vesa Energy is fast becoming an icon to recon with in the downstream sector of the Oil and Gas industry for operational excellence and superior service delivery to our clients.

We offer excellent services in procurement and supply of the following:
Automotive Gas Oil – AGO
Premium Motor Spirit – PMS
Dual Purpose Kerosene - DPK
Aviation Turbine Kerosene –ATK

We are making huge investment in the acquisition of operational infrastructure that will give us competitive advantage over our peers in the industry. All effort are in place to ensure the availability of these products to our clients at a competitive price and high quality. We will pursue this strategy until we take over a sizable portion of the market segment and broaden our clientele community. Currently, we have storage throughput arrangement with major and strategically located tank farms in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Oghara in Delta State.

We are fully licensed as direct importers of petroleum products and for this, we have a network of globally rated suppliers with strong willingness to offer the best in petroleum products at competitive prices. We have partnered with International and local suppliers of repute, to meet our supply needs such as: Vitol Oil, BP, Mettle Energy, and Sahara Energy to mention a few.

Our Products

Automotive Gas Oil(AGO) is used in automotive diesel engines, heating, industrial furnace and boilers.

Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) is used as gasoline for running motor vehicles and other petrol driven engines and light generators

Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK) is a high quality regulated fuel for aviation industry used as fuel in aircraft engines

Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) is used as domestic fuel for lighting and heating, and as industrial fuel for boilers and cleaning processes